Fixed Group Departures 2023 - 2024

Join us to our confirmed and guaranteed fixed group tours season 2024 for trekking and mountaineering tours in Huaraz area, Cordillera Blanca and Huayhuash.

Enjoy your holiday in the Peruvian Andes! “the land of the Incas”.
We offer the best holidays and adventures, cultural travel, trekking, climbing and packages through beautiful areas of Peru.
We are experts in hiking, trekking, long travel packages, full day tours, vivencial experiences and strive to give you the best possible experience.

October 2023

Oct: 14 - 15Climbing Vallunaraju 2 days/1 nigth (Guaranteed) from US$ 225⚠️ 3 spotsProgram details
Oct: 15 - 24Huayhuash trek: 10 days/9 nigths (Guaranteed) from US$ 720⚠️ 3 spotsProgram details
Oct: 21 - 24Santa Cruz trek 4 days/3 nigths from US$ 310✅ 5 spotsProgram details

May 2024

May: 04 - 08The essence of Huayhuash: 6 days/5 nigths from US$ 550✅ 6 spotsProgram details
May: 09 - 12Santa Cruz trek 4 days/3 nigths (Guaranteed) special price✅ 6 spotsProgram details
May: 16 - 19Santa Cruz trek 4 days/3 nigths (Guaranteed) special price✅ 6 spotsProgram details
May: 17 - 26Huayhuash trek: 10 days/9 nigths (Guaranteed) special price✅ 6 spotsProgram details

Conditions for group departures

  • If you would like a different date from the ones proposed in the table (above), you can place your order with due anticipation (3 o 4 weeks before) to give us the opportunity to join more participants for the departure. (Our trekking and mountainneering group tour is with a maximum of 8 participants). We open a new group based in 2 people.
  • According to the dates shown, you must proceed to reserve your spot by paying 20% of the total amount and the final balance can be paid in your briefing at our Local office or your hotel in cash.
  • Dear visitors you should know that our company is available to provide wherever information regarding our trip, for detailed information you should request us and we will reply as soon as possible, because we have an expert guide available.
  • Our hiking rates could change depending on the reservation anticipation or the number of participants (we have special pre-sale prices for the 2024 season), please contact us for more information.