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Hike Laguna Churup

Visit the popular Laguna Churup located at 28 km/17 miles east of Huaraz. This is challenging yet a fantastic acclimatization hike affording magnificent panorama views of Huaraz and the landscape around and the imposing peak of the Churup peak.
Hiking in the Andes is transcendent and eternal, infectious and convincing that you chose a true “national geographic” adventure experience.

  • Departure time: 7:30am
  • End of tour: 16:00 approx.


Moderate, the highest point is Lake Churup (4450m/14,600ft)


We will fulfill everything we offered you, there is nothing hidden, no surprises.


It means that distraction and relaxation are guaranteed.


All guided tours in Spanish and English. Groups could be mixed.


From PEN 60

Program details: Day Hike Laguna Churup


Huaraz – Pitec – lake Churup – Huaraz
Duration: 45 min (by car) 5 – 6 hours (hiking)

  • Drive up on the dirt road to the parking place at Pitec ( not a village , but a few farmhouses).
  • Along drive we pass through traditional village of Unchus and Llupa with its traditional adobe houses and reach farmlands, there is opportunity to see local quechua people on their traditional clothes and working land with their hands.
  • Then as we reach Pitec , after checking with the Huascaran National Park range, start ascending following the path over the long ridge.
  • After about 1 ½ you reach a steep an rocky part, to the left of the water fall.
  • From there, you reach lake Churup after a quite intimidating 45 minutes climb.
  • This climb can be a real challenge climb , to avoid this steep part, there is an option to climb more to the left where is a a kind of metal rope that helps to climb.
  • Then as you arrive to the lake will be impressed for the beautiful view of the lake and landscape sourrounded.
  • Spend time walking around lake side , take pictures, relax and have box lunch enjoying the nature.
  • Then return on the same way back to Pitec , where our transportation waits to drive you back to Huaraz hotel.

What’s included?

Services included in the program:

  • Transportation (pick up at your hotel).
  • Trekking guide.
  • Basic first aid kit.

Not included:

  • Bus tickets between Lima and Huaraz.
  • Hotel accommodations for specified time in Huaraz.
  • Food during the tour, I recommend you bring a box lunch or snack.
  • Huascaran National park entrance fee (15 soles peruvian ans 30 soles foreign).
  • Travel, Personal, and/or medical insurance.

Prices according to number of people Please contact us for more information.


14 to 18


(Soles per person)


PEN 60

  • If you book in advance we find the other participants for the date you choice. (Group Service considerate from 14 to 18 participants) We open a new group minimum base on 2.


Peruvian soles per person

02 personPEN 215
04 peoplePEN 170
06 peoplePEN 116
08 peoplePEN 90
  • If you want to take this PRIVATE SERVICE, you can book up to a week before the date (subject to availability).
  • If you are a group of friends or family of 4 people or more, we recommend that you try to organize your experience in PRIVATE SERVICE.

Group departures programed:

We can start a new departure date based with minimum 2 people.


Hotels, bus before/after trek?
We can also organize transfers, hotels in Huaraz or other cities, packages in the rest of the country etc. If you would prefer more services, from the airport in Lima for example or a complete Peru travel package, please let us know.


How many minimum days in advance should I reserve?

You can book up to 2 days before the tour, but if you want to join a group you must request at least 10 to 15 days in advance at least to be able to plan ahead and join a group.


How to book the full day?
FIRST: To make a booking, please email us to check availability 

SECOND: We require a payment of 50% per person. You can make your payment by VISA/Mastercard/Dinners or another cards (payment link).

Important for group departures!
  • If you book in advance we find the other participants for the date you choice. (Group Service considerate from 14 to 18 participants) We open a new group minimum base on 2.
  • For booking validation you should deposit a 50% of total price, and rest 50% you pay when you arrive to Peru or Huaraz.
  • Dear visitors you should know that our company is available to provide wherever information regarding our trip, for detailed information you should request us and we will reply as soon as possible, because we have an expert guide available.
  • Our trek rates can change according the book time or number of participants, contact with us for more information please.

Information for a better experience during the trek


Packing list for trekking in Perú

During the treks in Cordilleras Huayhuash or Blanca you will fill your backpack just enough. Clothes, sleeping bag, accessories depending of the tour duration.


Altitude sickness in Perú? Travel tips

It is important to know what precautions to take before traveling to the Andes of Peru, also because of its geography, Soroche is a possibility.