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Huayhuash full circuit trek 2024

Group trekking tour Cordillera Huayhuash 10 days.

The full circuit of the Cordillera Huayhuash is one of the classic trekking circuits of the world. We offer this classic tour complete around Huayhuash mountain range. There are 8 passes to ascend with the highest being 5000 masl Although not difficult, the length of the trek, the number of nights sleeping above 4000 masl and the number of high passes to cross rates this adventure trek as a grade, hard. We recommend that you are have a good level of physical fitness and are well acclimatized before committing to this awesome mini-trek adventure in the Peruvian Andes.

Pre-trek briefing: The guide will meet you the day before departure in Huaraz to do a full gear check and finalize last minute details.
Start: 8:00am
Finish: 15:00 aprox.


Moderate to hard, up to 5 - 8 hours physical activity each day


We will fulfill everything we offered you, there is nothing hidden, no surprises.


10 days 9 nights
Best season: May to October


All guided tours in Spanish and English. In group tour could be mixed.


From US $  750

Program details

Day 01: Huaraz - Cuartelhuain (4300 m)

Duration: 4 hours (by car) 4 – 5 hours (hiking)

  • We drive from Huaraz to Chiquián, enjoying distant views of the awesome Huayhuash range from afar.
  • From Chiquián we descend to a cactus and scrub environment and continue to the village of Llamac (3300m)
  • Then into a wide Ushaped grassy valley with rolling hills and flanked by broad expanses of quenual (polylepis sp.) forest.
  • We will camp at QuartelHuain (4200m)
Day 02: Cuartelhuain – Cacanan Pass (4700m/15416ft) – Mitucocha.

Duration: 5 hours aprox
Distance: 12 km aprox

  • This morning we cross our first pass, Cacanan Punta (4700m).
  • Here, at the continental divide, we sometimes observe the Andean Condor flying overhead.
  • We descend to the Jalca plain and on to our camp at the beautiful Laguna Mitucocha lake (4220m), located at the foot of the stunning Jirishanka Grande peak, and those of its neighbours Rondoy and Ninashanca.
  • If you have the energy, there’s the option this afternoon of walking around the lake or up to one of the nearby hanging valleys.
Day 03: Mitucocha – Carhuac Pass (4500 m) – Carhuacocha

Duration: 5 -6 hours aprox
Distance: 12 km aprox

  • We flank the Jalca floodplain then ascend south to the Paso de Carhuac pass (4650m).
  • From here an awesome panorama suddenly comes into view; a row of Huayhuash giants: Yerupajá Grande, the second highest mountain in Peru, Yerupajá Chico(6121m) and Siulá Grande (6344m), of “Touching the Void” fame.
  • From here we descend to our camp at the large Lake Carhuacocha lake (4150m), with the chance en route of spotting Viscacha rodents among the moronic debris.
  • From our camp we look directly up the lake to the peaks and ice fields of the famous Siula Grande, Yerupajá Grande and Chico and Jirishanka Chico.
Day 04: Carhuacocha – Siula Pass (4850 m) – Huayhuash

Duration: 6 – 7 hours aprox
Distance: 14 km aprox

  • This day there are two optional approaches to our next camp at Huayhuash.
  • We begin by ascending the challenging path towards the Siula Pass at 4800m/15,748ft.
  • This day is more demanding, it is truly rewarding because of the surrounding panoramic views.
  • On the way to the high pass, we stop at a viewpoint from where we get impressive views of the 3 Huayhuash lagoons.
  • We descend passing close to lake Carnicero then camp at Huayhuash 4300m/14,108ft.
Day 05: Huayhuash – Portachuelo Pass – Viconga.

Duration: 6 hours aprox
Distance: 11 km aprox

  • We climb to the Portachuelo de Huayhuash pass (4750m) on a steady gradient.
  • From here, looking southeast, we see a new collection of nearby snow peaks; this is the Cordillera Raura range and the nearby snow peak of Leon Huacanan.
  • We descend to and skirt around the large Laguna Viconga lake – look out for Alpacas – before walking up the valley for ½ hour to set up camp (4480m).
  • There are some, al fresco open air hot springs near Viconga, so a hot bath could certainly be appreciated!
Day 06: Viconga – Cuyoc Pass (5000 m)– camp in Cuyoc pampa

Duration: 5 – 6 hours
Distance: 10 km aprox.

  • Today we will cross our highest pass, Punta Cuyoc, with a sustained uphill hike of 2 to 3 hours to a breathtaking 5000m.
  • The panoramas here are breathtaking: to the southeast we see the sharply serrated ridge of the Cordillera Raura, and to the north, several of the giants of the Huayhuash range are seen from a new perspective.
  • Mountain Sarapo (6127m) is also seen for the first time.
  • The initial 50m of the descent is quite steep and loose, becoming easier as we continue descending quickly to the broad.
  • The camp is in Cuyoc Pampa (4450 m), almost at the beginning of the Huanacpatay ravine.
Day 07: camp Cuyoc – San Antonio Pass (4800 m) – Cutatambo - Huayllapa village (3490 m).

Duration: 8 to 9 hours approx.
Distance: 18 km approx.

  • From our camp we climb to a pass on Cerro San Antonio.
  • This is a demanding day with some steep hiking, but by now you should be well acclimatised and feeling strong at altitude.
  • After 2 hours we are on the top of the pass at 4800m, with fantastic views of all the giants of the Cordillera Huayhuash and the 3 lakes of Sarapococha, Santa Rosa & Jurau.
  • We can also see the Siula Glacier which Joe Simpson crawled down in his epic battle for survival, and we see Siula Base Camp quite clearly in the distance.
  • The descent is initially steep, but safe, on scree for around 100m.
  • We then follow a cattle trail winding down to Lake Jaurau at the beginning of the Calinca ravine.
  • We will walk along a long path through the Calinca valley to the village called Huayllapa.
  • Finally in the village of Huayllapa we have the option to charge our batteries, drink some beers and even rent a place to take a hot shower.
Day 08: Huayllapa (3490m) – Tapush pass (4770m) - camp Gashpapampa (4300m)

Duration: 7 hours aprox
Distance: 15 km aprox.

  • After a good breakfast, this day a long zig zag ascent road awaits us, first we will reach the meadow called Huatiac (4350m), here we stop for a short rest.
  • Then we will continue ascending until we reach the Punta Tapush pass (4770m), from where we get some views of Nevado Diablo Mudo.
  • During the descent we will pass together to the Susococha lagoon (4740m) and then arrive at our next camp which is in Gashpapampa (4300m).
Day 09: Gashpapampa – Yaucha pass (4850 m) – Jahuacocha (4150 m)

Duration: 7 hours aprox
Distance: 13 km aprox.

  • Today we will cross the high pass called Punta Yaucha at 4850 m. Undoubtedly, it is a challenging experience to reach the pass as we will ascend a rocky path in certain parts.
    The efforts to reach this spectacular viewpoint are well worth it, as the magnificent views of the surrounding high peaks are truly impressive.
  • After a brief stop we descend through a path surrounded by lupine bushes (Andean Tarwi) along the valley to our final campsite.
  • But not before stopping at the Huacrish viewpoint to get one last view of the 2 emblematic Huayhuash lagoons (Jahuacocha and Solteracocha) located just below the Yerupajá mountain.
  • We will camp overnight next to the Jahuacocha lagoon (4050 m), enjoying the views of the majestic mountains that surround us.
Day 10: Jahuacocha – Macrash Punta pass (4300 m) - Llamac – Huaraz.

Duration: 4 hours (hiking) 4 hours (by transport).

  • After an early start and gentle descent for an hour, we start our gradual climb to the final pass called Macrash punta (4300m).
  • From here we have our final views of much of the Huayhuash range.
  • Then it is a long descent back to the Llamac village.
  • In Llamac the bus will be waiting to take us back to Huaraz and your hotel for that long-awaited hot shower!!
  • We arrive in Huaraz at about 15:00 hours.

What’s included?

Services included in the prices:

  • Pre-departure briefing: You will meet your guide and group in our office for an orientation before your trek. The meeting will be at the afternoon before the trip begins.
  • Transport: You will be picked up from your hotel in the morning and will travel by private transportation to the starting point of the trek.
  • Experienced Guide: English speaking, professionally educated, and official tour guide. Your guide will explain the culture and surroundings along the entire route! He or she will keep you safe, sound, and comfortable on your trek so that you can enjoy your time worry-free!
  • All camping & cooking equipment: sleeping, dining and kitchen tents, tables, chairs, and cooking equipment (all carried by the donkeys).
  • Cargo Mules: For to carry the all camping equipment and your allowance of personal baggage (8 kilos in group and 12 kilos in private service).
  • Trekking cook: A chef specialized in cooking on the trail, with an assistant (if the group is more than 6 people), will prepare all of your delicious meals along the journey to replenish your energy. You will never go hungry!.
  • Meals: 9 Breakfasts, 10 Lunches, 9 Dinners (Vegetarian option are available at no extra cost).
  • Wake up tea: Every morning at the campsite, you will woken up with a cup of coca tea! Our staff will bring the tea to your tent so that you will be warmed from inside out before you start your day.
  • Tea time daily: Every afternoon before dinner, the cook will provide popcorn, biscuits, coffee, hot chocolate, teas, hot water, etc. After a long day of hiking, you will not have to wait until dinner to relax, warm up, and enjoy a bite to eat!
  • Snacks on the trail daily: Our snacks consist of local fruits, biscuits, chocolate, caramels, etc. We will give this snack to you at the beginning of each day in your cloth bag.
  • Entrance fee: We will pay the entrance fees in each community through which the trek passes.
  • Medical kit: Our crew will bring a first-aid kit, including emergency oxygen bottle.
  • Transport: Private transport from end of trek to your hotel in Huaraz.

Not included:

  • Hotel accommodations for specified time in  Huaraz (But we have a package that includes hotels and tours, please consult our options)
  • Sleeping Bags: Considered a personal equipment, but you can rent one from our company if you do not have your own. Our sleeping bags are effective and durable to protect from temperatures as low as -10 to -15° C. They are mummy form and include a sleeping liner. The bags are cleaned after every use and have a maximum usage of 30 trips.
  • Walking Sticks: You can rent a set from our company if you would like.
  • Day 1 breakfast and last day dinner in Huaraz city.
  • Travel, personal, and/or medical insurance
  • Personal clothing and gear
  • Tips for our staff: Please note that our agency staff is well paid so please feel free to tip or not as you wish.
  • Additional expenses as a result of leaving the tour early or additional expenses as a result of an emergency rescue or evacuation.
  • Additional costs or delays out of control of the management (landscape, bad weather condition, itinerary modification due to a safety concern, illness, change of government policy, political instability/strike, etc.)

Prices according to number of people Please contact us for more information.

**Special price for early pre-bookings until end of March 2024

6 to 8 participants

(Price per person)


US$ 750**

  • If you book in advance we find the other participants for the date you choice. (Group service considerate from 6 to 8 participants) We start a new group minimum base on 2 people.


Price per person

01 person US $ 2040
02 people US $ 1170
04 people US $ 1008
06 people US $ 865
  • If you want to take this PRIVATE SERVICE, you can book up to a week before the date (subject to availability).
  • If you are a group of friends or family of 4 people or more, we recommend that you try to organize your experience in PRIVATE SERVICE.

Group departures programed:

More treks in group here: FIXED DEPARTURES


How many days do I need to aclimate in Huaraz BEFORE THE TREK?
It is very important to be well acclimated to the altitude before exerting yourself on a trek. We do recommend that you arrive to Huaraz at least 2 or 3 days before the trek starts to help you become acclimatized and avoid possible problems with altitude sickness while on the trek.
We can organize day hikes & other tours around Huaraz for your acclimatization:

  • Laguna Willcacocha Trek – Half Day Tour
  • Laguna 69 trek – Full Day Tour
  • Laguna Churup trek – Full Day Tour

If you have already been in another area of Peru at high altitude before arriving in Huaraz, we still recommend you have a complete day in Huaraz to rest, recover from your travel, and enjoy the sights and sounds of Huaraz before departing for the trek.

Hotels, bus before/after trek?
We can also organize transfers, hotels in Huaraz or other cities, packages in the rest of the country etc. If you would prefer more services, from the airport in Lima for example or a complete Peru travel package, please let us know.

Can you accommodate food sensitivities?
Our cooks are used to dealing with vegetarians. However, other clients and staff may have a conventional diet. Meals are prepared in the same tent and scents of meals can not be avoided. if you do not want to eat your meal in the same tent with clients having a conventional diet, please inquire about a private tour.

How to book the trek?
FIRST: To make a booking, please email us to check availability and receive customized booking form.
All customers or leader of grup will need to fill out a Passenger details form. Please be ready with the following information:

  • Personal information (Full name, exactly as on your passport):
  • Gender and passport number
  • Nationality and date of birth
  • Dietary requirements and medical conditions (alergies)

SECOND: We require a 50% deposit per person to organize your experience well in advance. You can make your deposit by Paypal, VISA/Mastercard/Dinners or another cards (payment link) or Wester Union (request our data). All subject to transfer fee

Important for group departures!
  • If you book in advance we find the other participants for the date you choice. (Group Service considerate from 5 to 8 participants) We open a new group minimum base on 2.
  • For booking validation you should deposit a 50% of total price, and rest 50% you pay when you arrive to Peru or Huaraz.
  • Dear visitors you should know that our company is available to provide wherever information regarding our trip, for detailed information you should request us and we will reply as soon as possible, because we have an expert guide available.
  • Our trek rates can change according the book time or number of participants, contact with us for more information please.

Confirmed group departures 2024


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Information for a better experience during the trek


Packing list for trekking in Perú

During the treks in Cordilleras Huayhuash or Blanca you will fill your backpack just enough. Clothes, sleeping bag, accessories depending of the tour duration.


Altitude sickness in Perú? Travel tips

It is important to know what precautions to take before traveling to the Andes of Peru, also because of its geography, Soroche is a possibility.